Lodge a Bond

Bonds paid by the tenants should be lodged with the RTBA as an electronic transaction. A web generated form (PDF) is available however it is not the preferred method.

Bonds provided as a loan from the Director of Housing (DoH) must be lodged using the Bond Loan Voucher provided by the DoH. The DoH will make an electronic funds transfer to the RTBA for the amount specified in the voucher. Property Managers registered with the RTBA should sign in and lodge the voucher electronically.

Lodgment as an Electronic Transaction

From Monday 9 December 2019 the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) requires all licensed estate agents to use Electronic Transactions on RTBA Online for:

  1. Lodging bonds

  2. Seeking bond repayments

  3. Transferring tenants on a bond

An electronic transaction is a paperless, online process supported by an electronic funds transfer. For further information, see About Electronic TransactionsOpens in new window.

Electronic Transactions can only be initiated by property managers registered with the RTBA. For more information about registration, see Find out about registeringOpens in new window.

If you are already registered for electronic transactions, please Sign in to RTBA Online and then select ‘Lodge a bond’ to make a new electronic lodgment. (You can also make an electronic repayment claim or a tenant transfer on an existing bond after searching for the relevant bond.)

Lodgment on a PDF form (not preferred)

Alternatively, you can generate an electronic bond lodgment form as a PDF – to be printed by you. If you are already registered to use RTBA Online, you should Sign in to RTBA Online and then select ‘Lodge a bond’. More information

This PDF needs to be printed and then:

  • Signed by all the parties to the bond.
  • Posted to the RTBA with the lodgment payment payable to the RTBA. This payment must be in Australian dollars as a cheque from an Australian bank or a money order from Australia Post.
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